Mouldbreaker Interactive

Showcasing the logo for the company Mouldbreaker Interactive. The logo consists of an elongated hexagonal shape that represents both a large mould in 3/4 perspective and a large towershield from the front perspective. A star like shape extrudes in eight directions from the centre. The horizontal and hexagonal extrustion are contained within the hexagonal shape while the diagonal extrutions break through it. This star respresents the spark of creativity that the company wishes to protect, while it also "breaks the mould" of expectations withint the industry. The logo has an golden orange-like colour with a faint red glow to resemble the colour of molten steel pouring out of a crucible into the mould.

Mouldbreaker Interactive was founded on the idea that “protecting your team” — and not personal gain — should be studio leadership’s first priority. I was brought in to help them create their brand identity, Starting with their new company logo.

I took inspiration from the company’s mission statement, aiming to combine the elements of “Protecting the spark” and “Breaking the mould” in a single, easy to recognise form. We ended up with this form that represents both a large front facing shield with the spark it protects being held in its centre; while also represting a mould from 3/4 perspective being broken through by the spark from within.

Game Talk: Designing for Emergent Narritve

Logo of the University of Bayreuth. A square box with a rectangle within it on the left 3rd. Starting from the bottom left of the box there's a diagonal green rectangle reaching up to 75% height on the right side of the box. Besides the box is the german title for University of Bayreuth.

I’ve been honoured to host a talk at the University of Bayreuth back in December of 2022. In the talk I spoke about the importance of including game mechanics that might seem arduous at first glance. Mechanics like inventory management or resource tracking often get overlooked in favour of a more streamlined experience, leaving behind the dramatic impact they might have if implemented properly. I will argue that it’s sometimes worth it to burden your players for the benefit of the story you want to tell.

The RPG Action Map

A square image containing the multiple segments that make up the action map. The map has 3 rings that form around a centre block. All 3 of the rings are diagonally cut off from each other to create a 4 distinct segments indicating north, east, south and west. The entire map has a paper like texture, and each ring grows darker, starting at a yellow colour on the outer ring up to a deep red for the centre portion.

The Action Map is a tool to clarify relative (fictional) positioning for generally smaller encounters. Breaking out an entire battle map for a simple random encounter can take more effort to set up than to play out, so this is a perfect moment to use the Action Map! Save that effort for the important boss battles and campaign altering encounters!

The Many Faces of Chult


Make exploration through the treacherous wilds of Chult or any other jungle more exiting by showing the true danger of mother nature.

Animated Graphics

I’ve done commissions and multiple personal project to create animated graphics for live shows, like stingers and break screens.

Tweakers Huisfeestje 21 event

A collection of custom icons I made for the banners and for further use in printing and more.

I got tasked to design the full branding for Tweakers yearly anniversary event as my application project. This included advertisement banners for different for formats, a large cover banner for their article, printables like key cords and nameplates and more.

I decided to play into Tweakers’ casual aesthetic and the event’s focus on games and celebration to create a catchy and cheerful art style. All the icons were custom designed and the colour palette was chosen to pop out at users without overwhelming them. Sadly the designs were never used in the end due to the covid 19 pandemic.

Fantastical Maps

Books, games, blogs or anything else; once you’ve created you’re own world, you’re going to want a neat map for it. Here’s a collection of illustrated and photosbashed maps I’ve created for a veriety of locations and occations.

Bag of Bones Liveshow

Bag of Bones Feature Image

Bag of Bones is an actual play live show of the RPG Mothership. The show’s branding, and graphics were inspired by the style found in both the Mothership zine, and the Pound of Flesh expansion zine. From the 3rd episode onwards I also took the show’s live production upon me, taking care of audio, scene switching and more while it was airing.