Tweakers Huisfeestje 21 event

I got tasked to design the full branding for Tweakers yearly anniversary event as my application project. This included advertisement banners for different for formats, a large cover banner for their article, printables like key cords and nameplates and more. I decided to play into Tweakers' casual aesthetic and the event's focus on games and celebration to create a catchy and cheerful art style. All the icons were custom designed and the colour palette was chosen to pop out at users without overwhelming them. Sadly the designs were never used in the end due to the covid 19 pandemic.
A collection of custom icons I made for the banners and for further use in printing and more.
Assorted Icons Tweakers Huisfeestje 21
A small document detailing the colours and fonts used in the design for the Tweakers Huisfeestje 21 event.
Style Guide