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Ever wanted to know how long you’ve been a follower of Jaime?.. or wanted to know how long someone else has been following him to goat over your superior follow time? just type !howlong {username}


Spread the Jaime Love while we’re raiding by copying our lovely raid message!


Don’t believe the whole dad of 12 thing.. check it out for yourself!


Just a look at the clock to see how long Jaime has been live

Song Requests

Sometimes you’re allowed to put in your own songs to the stream.. so let me explain how it works!

!sr {youtube link here} – this is how you request a song

!nextsong – Check out what’s coming up


!currentsong – see what’s playing now, and who suggested it

!songlist – check out the whole songlist


need a reminder of what you’re allowed to put in the song request?… 

here ya go!